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Pre Trip Check

Each day, your car easily takes you where you need to go. You drive from home to the office and back. You use it to run errands like going to the gym, doing the grocery shopping, and taking the kids to sports practices or music lessons.

Your car is a dependable machine, so it comes as no surprise that you want to use it on your upcoming road trip. Whether you’re leaving the state for a business trip or a family vacation, you expect your car to be as reliable as it’s ever been.  Before your trip, however, it is advisable to take your car to the mechanic.

Even if your car has reliably transported you or your loved ones around your neighborhood, a road trip is a bigger commitment—and the trip can put a lot of strain on your vehicle. Though you may get your oil and other fluids changed regularly, we’ll perform a safety inspection on your car and make sure it doesn’t need repairs. These measures can help ensure that your car can safely and properly get you from point A to point B and back again. Call us to schedule your Pre Trip Inspection. 803-732-1159

- Tire Check

- Fluid Check

- Brake Check

- Parts Inspection

- Lighting Check

- Tune-Up

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