Car Talk


Question: What will front brake service on my car involve and how much should it cost?

Answer: A quality brake job starts with inspection of the brake pads, brake rotors, and the hydraulic components which include the calipers, brake lines, and master cylinder.
Any or all of the parts could have enough wear to warrant replacement so hypothetically the cost could be high. However, the majority of vehicles don't require brake hose or brake caliper replacement.
Usually front brake service includes replacing brake pads, resurfacing front brake rotors, lubricating caliper slides, and refilling brake fluid. This brake service on most vehicles costs approximately $210.00.

Question: What should I expect when i bring my car in for service or repair?

Answer: We will listen to your description of the problem you
have with your vehicle. We may then ask you questions to better
understand the problem you are experiencing with your vehicle.
We will then test drive your vehicle to duplicate the problem
We then inspect the vehicle inside the shop and write a repair
estimate. At that point we will contact you with the estimate
and get your approval before any repair is performed.

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